Best Places to Eat in Stuttgart Germany

If you’re looking for the best places to eat in Stuttgart Germany, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, I’ll take you through the top 10 restaurants that offer delicious cuisines for every taste and preference. Whether you’re a fan of traditional German dishes or international cuisine, this guide will help you find the perfect dining spot in Stuttgart.

From Swabian cuisine at Zum Becher to fine dining at Olivo, each restaurant on this list offers a unique culinary experience that is sure to satisfy your appetite. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the best places to eat in Stuttgart Germany!

1. Swabian Cuisine at Zum Becher

Zum Becher is a must-visit restaurant for anyone looking to sample some delicious Swabian cuisine in Stuttgart. Located in the heart of the city, Zum Becher offers a warm and inviting atmosphere that is perfect for a cozy dinner with friends or family. The menu features traditional Swabian dishes like Maultaschen (a type of German dumpling), Spätzle (soft egg noodles), and Schnitzel (breaded and fried cutlet).

The ingredients are fresh, the portions are generous, and the flavors are simply outstanding. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, always happy to recommend dishes and offer wine pairings. Make sure to save room for dessert – the apple strudel is a must-try! Overall, Zum Becher is a top pick for anyone who wants to experience the best of Swabian cuisine in Stuttgart.

2. Vegetarian and Vegan Delights at Dean & David

Are you a vegetarian or vegan looking for delicious food options in Stuttgart? Look no further than Dean & David, a restaurant that specializes in vegetarian and vegan cuisine.

Their menu is full of healthy and fresh options, from salads to wraps and sandwiches, all made with locally-sourced ingredients. You’ll love the variety of flavors and textures, and the friendly atmosphere of the restaurant. Don’t miss out on this must-visit spot for plant-based eaters in Stuttgart!

3. Turkish Cuisine at Imren Grill

If you’re looking for authentic Turkish cuisine in Stuttgart, look no further than Imren Grill. This restaurant offers a wide range of traditional Turkish dishes, from kebabs and pide to meze and baklava.

Their meat dishes are particularly noteworthy, with succulent lamb and chicken kebabs that are grilled to perfection. But even if you’re a vegetarian, there are plenty of options to choose from, such as their delicious stuffed peppers or the creamy hummus.

The restaurant itself is decorated in a warm and inviting style, with Turkish lamps and intricate tilework adorning the walls. And with its central location in the city, Imren Grill is the perfect place to stop for a meal after a day of sightseeing or shopping.

Overall, if you’re a fan of Turkish cuisine or just looking for a unique dining experience in Stuttgart, Imren Grill is definitely worth a visit.

4. International Cuisine at Cube Restaurant

If you’re looking for a dining experience that will take your taste buds on a world tour, Cube Restaurant is the perfect destination. Located in the heart of Stuttgart, this restaurant offers an impressive selection of international dishes that are sure to satisfy any palate.

From mouth-watering steaks to flavorful curries, Cube Restaurant has something for everyone. Their menu is carefully crafted to showcase the best of international cuisine, featuring dishes from countries such as Italy, Spain, and Thailand. And if you’re in the mood for something truly unique, be sure to try their fusion dishes that combine flavors from different parts of the world.

In addition to their impressive menu, Cube Restaurant also offers a sophisticated and stylish atmosphere that is perfect for a night out with friends or a romantic dinner with your significant other. Their attentive staff will ensure that your dining experience is nothing short of exceptional.

Whether you’re a seasoned foodie or simply looking to explore new flavors, Cube Restaurant is a must-visit destination for anyone in Stuttgart.

5. Traditional German Dishes at Gasthaus Bären

If you’re looking to experience traditional German cuisine in Stuttgart, Gasthaus Bären is the perfect place to go. This cozy and rustic restaurant has been serving up classic dishes for over 200 years, and it’s easy to see why it’s still so popular today.

One of the must-try dishes at Gasthaus Bären is the Swabian Maultaschen, a regional specialty that’s similar to ravioli. These large dumplings are stuffed with meat, spinach, and bread crumbs, and they’re typically served in a flavorful broth. Another classic dish is the Schnitzel, a breaded and fried cutlet of meat that’s usually made with pork or veal. If you’re feeling particularly hungry, try the Bärenplatte, a massive platter of assorted meats, sausages, and sides that’s perfect for sharing with a group.

In addition to the delicious food, Gasthaus Bären also has a great selection of beers and wines to complement your meal. If you’re not sure what to order, don’t be afraid to ask your server for recommendations.

Overall, Gasthaus Bären is a must-visit for anyone who wants to experience authentic German cuisine in a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Make sure to come hungry, because the portions are generous and the flavors are unforgettable.

6. Italian Cuisine at Vapiano

Italy is known for its delicious cuisine, and Vapiano brings the taste of Italy to Stuttgart. This Italian restaurant offers a modern and casual atmosphere, where you can enjoy fresh pasta, pizza, and salads made in-house daily.

One of the unique features of Vapiano is the way they prepare your meal. You can watch the chefs as they make your dish, adding in your favorite ingredients and spices. It’s a fun and interactive experience that adds to the overall enjoyment of your meal.

If you’re a fan of pizza, you won’t be disappointed with the variety of options at Vapiano. From classic Margherita to the more adventurous Diavola, there’s something for everyone. The pasta dishes are also a highlight, with options ranging from rich and creamy Carbonara to light and refreshing Pomodoro.

Don’t forget to end your meal with one of Vapiano’s delicious desserts, such as their creamy tiramisu or indulgent Nutella pizza. The friendly staff and comfortable atmosphere make Vapiano a great choice for a casual dinner or a night out with friends.

7. Japanese Delights at Takumi

If you’re looking for authentic Japanese cuisine in Stuttgart, Takumi is the place to be. From sushi and sashimi to udon and ramen, Takumi has a variety of Japanese dishes that are sure to satisfy your cravings.

One of the most popular dishes at Takumi is the ramen, which comes in various styles such as miso, shoyu, and tonkotsu. The broth is rich and flavorful, and the noodles are cooked to perfection. Another must-try dish is the Takumi sushi platter, which features a variety of fresh and delicious sushi rolls.

Not only is the food at Takumi amazing, but the atmosphere is also top-notch. The restaurant has a modern and sleek design, with plenty of seating options both inside and outside. The staff is friendly and attentive, and they go above and beyond to make sure your dining experience is enjoyable.

Overall, Takumi is the perfect spot for a delicious and authentic Japanese meal. Whether you’re looking for a quick lunch or a nice dinner out, Takumi is sure to impress.

8. Spanish Tapas at Tapas Bar

Spanish cuisine is known for its bold flavors and unique combinations of ingredients, and the Tapas Bar in Stuttgart is no exception. With its wide selection of tapas dishes, this restaurant is a must-visit for any foodie looking to indulge in the best of Spanish cuisine. From classic dishes like patatas bravas and tortilla española to more inventive options like stuffed peppers and grilled octopus, the Tapas Bar has something for everyone.

One of the standout dishes at the Tapas Bar is the croquetas de jamón, which are small fried balls filled with a creamy mixture of ham and cheese. They’re crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside, making them the perfect bite-sized snack to enjoy with a glass of red wine. Another must-try dish is the gambas al ajillo, which are shrimp cooked in a garlic and chili oil. The flavors are bold and spicy, and the dish is served with a side of crusty bread to soak up all the delicious sauce.

The atmosphere at the Tapas Bar is cozy and inviting, with dim lighting and a rustic decor that transports you straight to Spain. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable about the menu, and they’re happy to make recommendations based on your preferences. Whether you’re in the mood for a light snack or a full meal, the Tapas Bar is the perfect spot to indulge in some of the best Spanish cuisine in Stuttgart.

9. Indian Spices at Maharaja Palace

Experience the vibrant flavors and spices of India at Maharaja Palace, one of the best places to eat in Stuttgart, Germany. Located in the heart of the city, Maharaja Palace offers a menu full of authentic Indian dishes that are sure to satisfy your taste buds.

Start off with some flavorful samosas or crunchy papadums to get your appetite going. Then, move on to some of the restaurant’s signature dishes, like the butter chicken, lamb vindaloo, or paneer tikka masala. If you’re feeling adventurous, try one of their specialty biryanis or tandoori dishes.

Don’t forget to pair your meal with a refreshing lassi or mango juice to cool down your palate after all those spicy dishes. And if you have a sweet tooth, be sure to try one of their delicious desserts like the creamy mango kulfi or the rich and decadent gulab jamun.

With its cozy atmosphere and attentive service, Maharaja Palace is the perfect spot for a romantic dinner for two or a fun night out with friends. So why not spice up your next dining experience and head to Maharaja Palace for a taste of India in Stuttgart?

10. Fine Dining at Olivo

For an exquisite and luxurious dining experience, look no further than Olivo. This fine dining restaurant offers a range of dishes made from fresh, seasonal ingredients that are beautifully presented.

The restaurant’s elegant and sophisticated atmosphere makes it the perfect choice for a special occasion or a romantic dinner. The service is impeccable, with attentive staff who are happy to make recommendations and provide insights into the dishes on offer.

Some standout dishes include the pan-seared scallops with truffle risotto and the roasted lamb loin with potato gratin and red wine jus. The dessert menu is also a treat, with options like the warm chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream and the classic crème brûlée.

The wine list is extensive and curated to complement the menu, with a selection of international and local wines available by the glass or bottle.

If you’re looking for a truly special dining experience in Stuttgart, Olivo is the perfect choice.

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